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We Price Match!

Price match promise

The FastFlat4.com Price Match Guarantee 

At FastFlat4.com we strive to offer the industries best performance products at a fair and competitive price for your Subaru. We are always analyzing the market to ensure we can stay competitive. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, you may find a better advertised price. Please know that manufacturers set and maintain an MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) to maintain integrity of products. Should you find a competitor has us beat on price, please contact us with proof of price. After we verify the price is authorized by the manufacturer, we will happily match that price.

Price Match Guarantee FAQ's

Q:  What does FastFlat4.com consider "Proof of Price"?
Any competitors current add in print or on line. Competitors pricing must be accurate and up-to-date.  Often retail and on line stores have not updated their pricing as it changes in the industry. Retailers have no control over MAP pricing and therefore we may verify that the product pricing is accurate and up-to-date. This keeps retailers honest and does not jeopardize the integrity of products sold.

Q:  Are all products sold by FastFlat4.com eligible for Price Match Guarantee?
  Most products sold by FastFlat4.com are eligible for Price Match Guarantee. The product must be new and unopened, sold by an authorized retailer in the United States, have the same manufacturers part number and not be a discontinued item. 

Q:  Will FastFlat4.com Price Match Guarantee "Group By, Grand Opening and Special Event" products?
  In most cases - absolutely! Though some circumstances may not allow us to offer our Price Match Guarantee, we will then do our best to accommodate a pricing package to meet your needs.

Q:  Are eBay products eligible for price matching?
A:  In most cases, yes we will price match products on eBay. The product must be the same part number, new and not a discontinued or sell - out item. The item sold on eBay must also be sold by an authorized retailer in the United States and not a private seller.

Q:  Can discounts, promotions, coupons and other specials be used in conjunction with Price Match Guarantee?
  In most cases no. We will however, evaluate the product, pricing and special being offered to make sure you are receiving the better price. 

Please contact FastFlat4.com with any questions you may have regarding our Price Match Guarantee.  Some exclusions may apply. 

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